Broken Dreams

This week Rafael “Peach Pusher” & Lisa “Legit Bean” are joined by Lauren “Puff Ball” & Dr. Jenn “Pimiento Pal” to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Ardyn Myrin Is Back” & “Ardyn Myrin Week, Bops That Slap, Ken Reid’s Home Studio”
We talk Ardyn’s Momoir, Cold Pimp Hate, Hecka Cool Beans, DAPs, Droppin Drops, Coke Zeros, Sad Peppers, Bean Town, ForgoTone, Shout Outs and a Live Childish Chat with LK! 

Nina Hartley TY4BF #9

On this special “Thank You For Being A Fan” edition of The BFF, we have Nina Hartley…yes that one! 
We discuss everything from how she became an Alison Rosen fan and podcasts to home life and “Chat Gal” plus so much more!
ALSO, we do a POP Seinfeld Quiz! 
Follow her @Ninalusk83 @NinaHartley83


This week Lisa “Gooey Middle” Lawrie and Dr. Jenn “Carb Fluffer” discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “S.E. Cupp” & “Alison’s Underwear Question, Dave Hill’s Toast, Jordan Morris’s Worst Bite Location”
We talk  Exciting Inboxes, Recording Locales, Blind Faith, Puzzling Fetishes, Dr. Zen’s ASMR Garden, Carb Trickle Down, Nostalgic Bad Taste, Super Spreaders, Filibusterin’ Panties, The Year of the Jumpsuit, Shout Outs and Whitney C’s Q’s!

Brown Eye Contact

This week Lisa “White Noise” Lawrie and Rafael “Brown Train” Castañeda are joined by Ray “Speculum” Morgan & Luke “Rouladen” Chastain to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Justin Willman” & “Wendy’s 275K Offer, David’s Birdth, Alison’s Cardistry”
We talk Magical Liars, I BMs, Modified Penis Pumps, Cupcake War; What Is It Good For?, Butt Wiping Requests, Personalized Hell On Earth, Effing Alison, Shout Outs and Whitney C’s Q’s!

Fingerblasting Flavor

On this week’s Director’s Cut, Lisa “Earl Of Sandwich” Lawrie and Rafael “Creamy Heat Seeker” are joined by Meghan “Blastin” Parkansky and Demian “Resident Bug Guy” Cordova to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Daniel and Alison (Your Calls and Doc Alison)” & “Kevin T Porter’s Mixed Feelings, Demi Adejuyigbe’s Bagels, Wishbone The Dog” 
Special Features: Intermittent Fast Food, Silencing Fart Guns, Bug Assault, Keepers Of The Loaf, Demi-Tude, PooLitics, F-Rosen Meals, Prostituting For Perks, Missing BFF Partays, Heated Butter SANDWICH Debacle Debunked, Shout Outs, LK’s Childish Chat and LOTS O’ LIKES (Sorry Lee)!

Brown Town

This week Lisa “Guffaw” Lawrie & Rafael “Zaddy” Castaneda discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~”Daniel and Alison(What History Books Got Wrong About Daniel)” & “Sara Schaefer’s Craft Nook, Erin Foley’s Boxed Hair Dye, Tony’s Love Life”
We talk Recording Locales, Letting The Yellow Mellow, Regifters, Extra Toasty Carbs, Doing Nothing With Our Time, FaveMOEs, Shout Outs, Call Outs AND LK’s Childish Chat!

Thump n’ Tinkle

This week, Lisa is joined by Luke Chastain, Tim Ortez and Leila Rollins to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Daniel and Alison (Alison’s Hair Museum & Your Calls)” & “Greg Heller’s Baby Song, Jenna & Al’s Water Bugs, Alison’s Mosh Pits”
We talk Crazy Dreams, Blocking The Sun, Sleeping Upside Down, Stupid Jokes, Hair Collections, Parents’ Weird Found Objects, Tantric TV, Legacy Era Comfort, HB Culture, FaveMoes, Shout Outs and LK’s Childish Chat! 

Super Fan Meghan Parkansky TY4BF #8

On this “Thank You For Being A Fan” Edition of The BFF, We Oshkosh B’ Gosh, FINALLY got Super Fan Meghan!!!!
Meghan “Martha” Parkansky joins Lisa “Phil McCrevis” Lawrie and Rafael “Cafael Rastaneda” Castaneda to talk about everything From Wisconsin to California!
We get to hear everything from her working on documentaries and how she received the Super Fan title to her Alison Origin Story! 
We also give Meghan a Pop Cheese Quiz and go down memory lane, reminiscing about our friendships’ beginnings! 

Face Deep In Meat

This week, Lisa “L’il Damp” Lawrie and Rafael “Ass Eating Pioneer” Castaneda are joined by Dr. “Crickets” Jenn and Lauren “Vanna White Cap” Kelly to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Daniel and Alison (Your Calls and the Party Across The Street)”& “Lauren’s Palate, Jackie’s Engagement, Alison’s Puffy Sleeves”
We talk First Steps, Futon Fellas, Daniel’s Inventions, False Sense Of Covid Security, Bridging The Anal Lingus Gap, Picky Eating, Happier Hours, 3 Divorcees Cast, Oh Honey plus a live Childish Chat with LK AND Lots Of Shout Outs!!
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Whitney Chandler TY4BF #7

On this special “Thank You For Being A Fan” edition of the BFF, we welcome Whitney Chandler to the show! We talk about everything from music and sky diving to surviving quarantine! Whitney shares her Alison origin story in a fun new way by giving us a quiz! PLUS the Question Queen is challenged to a Question Off! 

BFF – Renee Colvert

On this very special bonus episode,  Lisa Lawrie  & Rafael “Tequila Kiddo” Castaneda our joined this week for the very first “ARIYNBF Players” Edition of the BFF by none other than Renee Colvert!!!!
We discuss Renee’s Alison Rosen Origin Story, Surviving Quarantine, The Magic Castle, Beverages of Choice, Landing In California and We Play Raffi’s Renee Quiz!!
PLUS We Plan Many MANY Future Renee Field Trips! Listen to Renee on Can I Pet Your Dog Podcast and of course, ARIYNBF!
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